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Please don’t take these questions/statements personally, they do not reflect on your value as human beings. I simply want to provide my dogs with the very best homes I possibly can. It is in the best interests of the puppy and the family adopting it that the match is a good one.

I have made every effort and spared no expense to breed dogs of exceptional quality— conformation, temperament and health. All of my breeding stock have all of the health certifications pertinent to malamutes (hips, eyes, chd) and my puppies’ health is guaranteed.

Although I have bred champions who live all over both Americas and Europe, I do not breed for profit. In fact, I lose thousands of dollars every year! I breed malamutes because I truly love them and each puppy I breed means the world to me. So yes, I’m very careful about their placement.

Please, no matter what breed or wherever you decide to get your puppy, get it from someone who really cares what happens to it, not someone who just wants your money. You can bet they didn’t put any care into breeding the pup if they don’t care what happens to it.

Here is a list of my requirements for those who wish to adopt my dogs:

If you can honestly answer “yes” to all of these statements, then please contact me for more information on my dogs, availability of puppies and my breeding program. If not, please continue your search until you find a breed that is more suited to your lifestyle. A puppy is a huge investment of your time and money and energy and love. Again, a bad match is heartbreaking for everyone concerned and it is the innocent, non-decisionmakers who suffer the most. There are many good resources and web-sites to help you find the right dog.

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