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Windchaser Kennels not only produces puppies for the "elite and discriminating" buyer but for those individuals or families willing to make a lifetime commitment to one of our dogs...

We are a kennel that not only believes in "Breeder Responsibility", but "Owner Responsibility" as well! Not only are our puppies sold by reservation only, but they are sold on a contract basis with requirements and expectations placed on the new "puppy buyer" by Lynda Ste. Jhourré, owner of Windchaser Kennels.

We at Windchaser Kennels sincerely believe the "Alaskan Malamute" is NOT the dog for everyone. They are a dog for an individual or family willing to make a lifetime commitment to these animals in regards to its care, early puppy socialization training, adult obedience training and introduction to "all" facets of life.

This breed does NOT do well with other dogs of the same sex. Of course, there are always limitations to any rule, but on the whole, the average family with no experience with this breed would do well NOT to have two dogs of the same sex. Many malamutes do well with cats and other small animals if introduced to them at a young age. So much of what makes a "good" malamute and a "great" companion is the time you as the "new owner" are willing to put into it!

All our puppies receive extensive temperament testing around children and adults and by the time they are ready for their new homes, we feel they are ready to begin their lives with you!

Windchaser Alaskan Malamutes have Championship, Obedience, Tracking Therapy Dog, and Weight Pulling, Sledding and backpacking titles in America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and South America, Italy and all over Europe. All sires and dams have been hip x-rayed with a rating of "Good or Excellent" by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. We have never received a "fair rating" and would never breed a dog with this rating either. All breeding stock has Ch.D. rating numbers by the Alaskan Malamute Club of America, and we as members, strictly adhere to the "Ethics" of this club. If at any time we are notified that any of our dogs have been in an abused situation or charges or complaints filed on the owner in the County in which they live, Windchaser Kennels reserves the right to take-back the puppy or dog with no money herein returned to the owner. We invite any one at any time to come and visit our establishment. Our kennels are located on over 80 acres an hour Northwest of the Twin cities between Minneapolis and St. Cloud. Our dogs live in both a kennel and home environment, being properly socialized and loved at all times!

You will see on our Web Site Photo Gallery a number of our malamutes both adults and puppies in show and home environments. Each puppy is carefully selected according to the buyer's wishes and lifestyle, in strict accordance to puppy temperament testing. Windchaser Alaskan Malamutes are tightly line- bred for type and disposition. We specialize in the Silver/White malamute with the ice white face, dark pigment and dark eyes.

Parents have all clearances of hip, eyes, elbows, and Ch.D. certifications. The prices are according: Companion Quality $1,500. Show Quality: $2,500. All puppies to be shipped internationally will incur additional costs.

Reservations must be made in advance upon payment of a $250.00 reservation fee upon approval made by Lynda Ste. Jhourré that the future family is qualified to own an Alaskan Malamute puppy and is willing to make the lifetime commitment both financially and emotionally to own one of our dogs.

All new puppy owners or anyone buying any age dog from us must sign a contract prior to shipping with Windchaser Kennels. Shipping prices obviously vary according to city or country destination. Puppies are not shipped until they are 9 weeks or older and if going to another country not until the age of 4 months or until a rabies vaccination has been completed. Australia demands various titers and a 30-day quarantine, which must also be adhered to.

All transportation costs are at the Buyer's expense including crate purchase, boarding expenses of $15.00 per day after the age of 9 weeks, final Vet exam, Veterinarian certified certificate to fly and vaccination titers. Please call ahead of time to get final quote. Temperament testing, initial shots, Vet checks and worming are the responsibility of the Breeders Lynda and Andrea Ste. Jhourré. NO puppy will be shipped until the dog is paid for in full in US funds or International wire.

We at Windchaser Kennels sincerely believe in the "Preservation" of the Alaskan malamute as one of the only "natural" breeds left in existence today. In my 45 years of owning dogs, I have owned nothing but Alaskan Malamutes and am totally devoted to the breed. All my dogs and puppies are treated as if they were one of my children and any one at any time is welcome to come and visit our facilities, spend time with our puppies or older dogs and judge for yourself why a Windchaser Alaskan Malamute should be the one you choose.

Lynda and Andrea Ste. Jhourré
Windchaser Kennels

Breeders of American/Canadian/
Mexican/Brazilian and
International Group Winning
Champion Alaskan Malamutes

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